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Authors live Many Lives, their own and their characters

Authors are more than just what they write. I, personally, have a day job and that day job doesn't resemble anything to do with erotica or erotic romance. Still, I have specialized skills and knowledge that I employ for my day job.

There are those who have active family lives which consists of children, school, homework, love, and routines. There is writing but it's often in those times when the kids are asleep at night and the housework is finished. If a parent is lucky enough to be a stay at home mom/day then they get some writing in while the kids are at school.
What other lives do author's live?
In some ways, authors much immerse ourselves in those lives so that each characters is unique. We must know the backstory of every character, their childhood experiences, moods, likes, dislikes, etc. Whether this information ever makes it into the book or not, authors know that such details make for a better writer.
How can you write a convincing character if you don't know their struggles, fears, frustrations, or even daily routine? Are they are sit on the couch, eat potato chips person when they're bored or do they get out and do something? Sometimes to know how a characters acts or feels, writers must put ourselves in that situation to understand the mindset.
For myself, a demon-bargainer like Sindriel is nothing like Brad Templeton from Bet Your Sweet Aces. Both men have different values, minds, affectations, appearances etc.
No two characters really react the same to the same situation. Consider your own emotions, and what affects them.
Personally, I love pushing my characters buttons, see how much they take before they start getting pissed with me. Haha. Okay, yes, I know they aren't real. Put away the cozy white jacket with straps.
Anyway, when you think of writers it's often as singular persons, but really we are many people living many lives. It's a fun existence if you ask me. I can be a vampire or demon one day/one story and a covert agent the next story.
Do I write from personal experience?
Short answer, no. I'm not a vampire, demon, covert agent, etc. I'm just someone who likes to get into the mindset of a character. I know secrets about them that many never make it into a book, but that just makes me a better writer.

So next time you pick up a book, think about the author and how many lives they might lead. If you're an author, how many lives do you lead?

Sexify your life,
Mary Corrales

Ms. Corrales is a multi-published author who loves writing erotica and erotic romance. She has stories published in several genres including fantasy, paranormal, contemporary suspense, and dystopian. She's currently working on a new scifi/space opera book that she hopes to turn into a series. She always has some character or another in her head, waiting for their story to be shared with her readers.

She's an avid reader of romance in whatever catches her eye, which is why she loves vibrant book covers so much. She judges books by their cover, but will always give a new writer a chance if the blurb is enticing enough. She also reads nonfiction military biographies and is a proud military supporter.

When Ms. Corrales isn't writing, she can be found tending to her garden, growing herbs and vegetables. Autumn is her favorite time of year where she gets to cook soups and stews for the family.

She loves to chat with readers and writers alike. Tweet her up and follower her at MaryCorrales_A1 or follow her blog at Romance Author Lifestyle.

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Manlove Fall Fantasies

The summer may be over, but the heat is just beginning…

It’s that whimsical time of year again when the days grow shorter, the leaves are turning, and the fires are being lit. So why not make yourself comfy and spend your evenings snuggled up with some of the hottest MM romances around. Fall in love with the sexy men from some of your favorite Manlove writers. Join us daily to catch some amazing Halloween stories, excerpts, teasers, and for your chance to win some MM magic of your own.

A new MM story will be posted every day. Comment each day to win. My story will appear on 18 October.

Berengaria Brown

Friday, September 23, 2016

New Release: SINDRIEL [Siren Allure: Erotic Fantasy Romance, demons, M/F, HEA]

Miranda Contreras never thought a bad choice in men could cause her to lose her soul. She must now call upon on a demon bargainer for help.

Demon bargainer and Lord of the Crimson Shroud, Sindriel, always bargains to his own benefit. What will he take from Miranda as payment for his assistance?

Miranda's life soon becomes one of hell realms and dangerous pleasures. Will she regain her soul but lose her chance at true love?

Sindriel has wanted Miranda from the moment he saw her at the wedding. He reveals his true nature to her to insure her safety in his realm while he retrieves her soul, which seems the perfect opportunity to indulge in her charms. He'll face off against demons to retrieve her soul, but will he choose to discard her rather than face the truth of his own heart?

A Siren Erotic Romance

(Adult) Story Excerpt:

Sindriel watched the woman rise out of the swimming pool, naked as a goddess in heat, and feared he’d signed his own demise.

He stared, unable to think. Had he conjured her? For a moment, the stupidity of hope held him immobile.

Her lush curves and pale, caramel-cream skin shimmered in the moonlight. Her long, dark hair curled over wet, peaked nipples and trailed down to her waist. She looked ripe for a night of pleasure with a demon like him. It was not, however, her body, but her identity, that shook him.

Miranda was the supplicant.

Oh, the nights he’d dreamed of seeing this woman naked and desirous for him. Too bad these circumstances were not to his liking. What fresh hell brought her to him in this manner?

He left the deeper shadows of the backyard trees and stepped into the moonlight.

Miranda stared at him with wide, surprised eyes but then gave a loud cough that might have destroyed his goddess fantasy, as if her identity hadn’t done that already. That was the trouble with the summoning ritual. One never saw the face of the supplicant.

Her mouth hung open in amazement even as she tried to cover herself with her hands. “Sindriel,” she squeaked.

“Miranda,” he murmured.

His bit the inside of his lip to keep from smirking as she rushed to cover her nakedness and dove for a towel sitting on a nearby chair. He possessed excellent vision at night, but he wouldn’t share that with her. He never would have guessed she’d ever perform a summoning ritual for a demon.

“It worked,” she exclaimed, wrapping the towel tight around her. The material did nothing to disguise the plumpness of her breasts.

His dreams hadn’t done her justice, come to think of it now.

What was she doing summoning a demon—summoning him? Suddenly it irritated him to know that she’d discovered his secret. Last he’d seen of her, she’d been dabbling in demon hunting or some such thing if the scent in her house were any indication. Why would she take such a risk as to call on him?

He’d find out soon enough. “What is it that a mysterious wet goddess might want from a humble, demon bargainer as me?”

SINDRIEL (Sequel to Love's Demon Ways)

Heat Rating: SCORCHING

Word Count: 68,370

Sexify your Life, 
Mary Corrales

Friday, September 2, 2016

Naughty Haunts: Eleven Spooky Love Stories. Available Now

NAUGHTY HAUNTS - Available Now

Naughty Haunts: Eleven Spooky Love Stories. Available Now

Including BBW, BDSM, Contemporary, MM, Menage, New Adult, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, Speculative Fiction, Stepbrother Romance & Witch from bestselling authors 

Featuring: Strange Magic ~ Lynn LaFleur 
Savannah has thirteen days to perfect her changing spell with help from Dominic, her Coven Master and the warlock she loves, or suffer dire consequences. 

Gypsy Witch ~ Suz deMello 
Ben’s a tough, down-to-earth cop who doesn’t believe in magic, yet he falls for a modern-day witch. Will Ben and Elena’s fragile love be lost when she reveals what she truly is? 

The Magic That You Do ~ Tina Donahue 
Passion. Friendship. Love. Some things a man simply can’t forget… Finn has no idea what he’s doing at a haunted house on Halloween, but his tour guide Caty certainly rocks his world. Irresistibly drawn to her, he indulges in wicked delight and a return to their shared destiny. 

Step Benefits 2: Dirty Princess ~ Nicole Austin 
I’m sure there’s a rule in the friend code that makes lusting after your bestie forbidden. But if giving in to this off-the-charts chemistry is wrong, I don’t want to be right. 

Where or When ~ Francesca Hawley 
Bardic witch and famous singer Frank Jasper has been Sharon Beryl’s dream lover for years. When she wins a date with him, she is thrilled. Can their mutual desire become reality, or will it remain forever a dream? 

The Ghosts at Substation #69 ~ Berengaria Brown 
A woman fleeing her abusive partner. Her high school sweetheart who wants to rescue her. And two ghosts. 

Coastal Ghost ~ Katherine Kingston 
A sunny beach house isn’t the usual place to find a ghost, but the one that haunts Mary’s rental house has a mission and a plan. 

The Revenant’s Desire ~ Charlotte Boyett-Compo 
A once-a-year visit to her lover may be enough to hold his demons at bay, but it can’t cure Alana’s loneliness on the other 364 days of the year. 

Immortal Hunters ~ Suz deMello
Vampire Rama avoids attention by working nights as a private investigator. No one cares if some bad guys disappear on her shift. Then Detective John van Helsing shows up. Bearing the name of the vamps’ greatest foe, he interferes in her case and in her life. Friend, lover or enemy?

Spontaneous Combustion ~ Nicole Austin 
Maddy’s secret fantasies about Jake burn hotter than a wildfire but she’s not his type. With the help of his fellow firefighters, Jake intends to stoke the flames and prove to Maddy she’s the only one for him. 

Were The Hell? ~ Berengaria Brown 
Septimus has to learn why no female weres have been born into his pack. When he walks into the meeting room he smells his mate. A male.

Buy links:
B&N Nook:
All Romance eBooks link:
Google Play:

Berengaria Brown

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Why I write in the historical romance genre by Kaye Spencer

Readers, have you ever wondered why you ‘read what you read’?

Authors, what is your response in interviews about why you 'write what you write'?

For both readers and writers: If you're drawn to a particular genre over all others, have you ever considered why?

Over the years of my publishing career, I've encountered variations of these questions in author interviews. I have three general points—with examples—for why I tend to write historicals and particularly stories set in the American Old West.

Reason 1—Research

Every historical I write allows me to follow rabbits down research rabbit holes. I've discovered the most intriguing and amazing tidbits of history in my historical research Wonderland. Researching is my ‘happy place’. It’s important to me to have the details in my stories as historically accurate as possible.

Reason 2—Living vicariously in the past

While I’m writing a story set in the past, I get to travel to a different place and time and live in someone else's shoes, so-to-speak. I’m like Anthony Marston in Quigley Down Under: “…Some men [women] are born in the wrong century.” All my life I’ve felt out-of-place living in our ‘modern’ world. So when I transport myself to the time in which my characters are living, I’m in another one of my ‘happy places’.

Reason 3—Challenge of overcoming inconveniences

I like writing stories that lack modern day conveniences. Without the amenities we’re accustomed to nowadays, there are so many juicy complications for the characters to face, deal with, and overcome that otherwise could be written away with a call on the cell phone or by hopping an airplane. The possibilities for plot complications in the areas of communication, transportation, physical relationships (particularly in the area of limited contraceptive options), and medicine—to name but a few—are endless.


 Until next time,


Writing the West one romance upon a time
Twitter - @kayespencer

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cover Reveal and Introduction: SINDRIEL

Meet Sindriel: Demon bargainer and Lord of the Crimson Shroud. He's a badass in the demon realm
and is as sexy as he is dangerous. Of course, if you're the woman he's set his sights on, you might not mind the attention.

His kiss is more addictive than your favorite dessert. One taste and you'll crave more. For me, it's cheesecake that holds such power over me, but I know a lot of chocolate lovers out there who know what I'm talking about.
Sindriel is a stand-alone novel, but is also the long awaited sequel to Love's Demon Ways. These demons just have a ways of getting under your skin until you beg for more. *wink*
The book will be published through Siren Publishing in Late September/October depending on edits, but I'll keep everyone updated as to the progress, and you can always find the latest info on my Twitter feed. After i sell 500 copies, the book will go to print. I hope all my readers can help me make that dream happen.

While Sindriel isn't a 1st person POV story, he's been kind enough to grace my blog with his presence and wit and introduce himself. Here's the link if you'd like to see how he says hello: Romance Author Lifestyle.  

Sexify your life,
Mary Corrales

Mary Corrales is a multi-published erotica/erotic romance author who loves to write is several genres including fantasy, paranormal, contemporary suspense, and dystopian. She's an avid reader of fiction and nonfiction alike and is always happy to chat with readers and authors on Twitter.

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Christmas in July season comes to an end - one more story for your #westernromance reading entertainment

The Christmas in July season is wrapping up, but if you're still in the mood for a wintry romance, then my short story, A Gift of Christmas Hope, might just fit the bill. This story is a *spicy* western romance set in the Texas panhandle of 1886.

The gist of the story is a well-to-do lady gambler--Lady Sapphire as she's known in the European gambling circuits--is traveling back home to Texas with a stagecoach full of 'treasure' when she encounters a con man on the look-out for another wealthy woman he can charm out of some money. The story unfolds with hints about the woman's mysterious true identity, what her 'treasure' really is, and how the con man, Neal, is a link in her life's chain of events.

That's the story line, now here's the rest of the story...

Located in the Texas Panhandle, and just outside of Amarillo, is a facility with a history dating back to 1938. This facility is still in existence today. The facility, and what it came to stand for, was the life's work of a man with a vision who created a 'place' for homeless, wayward, and abandoned children--boys to begin with and later girls--to live and have the opportunity to turn their lives around. It was a place where children could get a decent education, have enough food to eat, sleep with a roof over their heads, learn a trade or skill, be involved in athletics, receive medical attention, and have their spiritual needs met. It was a home where there was no home for these children.

This man with a vision was Cal Farley, and and the place he built for needy children is now called the Cal Farley Boys and Girls Ranch.

This is the website's url to the history of the ranch:

It is a heartwarming, makes-you-feel-good-about-your-fellow-man true story of generosity, kindness, and hope.I incorporated the essence of the Cal Farley ranch as the driving force behind the heroine's determination to make it home for Christmas despite the blizzard that has upset her travel plans.

Here's an excerpt from A Gift of Christmas Hope.

“Hope! It’s always hope with you.” Neal threw up his arms and left the bed in a bound. He crossed the small room in quick strides to stand at the fireplace, one arm resting on the mantle as he gazed into the flames.

She sat motionless, frowning at his outburst. “Yes. Hope is all we have.”

“My parents had hope, too, and look where it got them.” His voice was hard and cold. When he turned, a dark shadow of regret and anger clouded the usual sparkle in his eyes. “They put every penny they had into the hope of a better life, and it was stolen from them. In the end, they didn’t even get to say goodbye to each other. They each died alone and hopeless eighteen hundred miles apart. I’ve carried that with me all
these years. Here and here.” He touched his head then his heart. “We’re born, we endure—and then we die.”

Lady Sapphire left the bed in a whirling swirl of skirts, clutching both hands to her breast, her heart pounding, stomach churning. His cavalier sarcasm cut her to the bone. “You are not the only one who carries memories so painful that remembering them physically hurts.” Tears she’d kept bottled up for years came unbidden, streaming down her cheeks, fueled by the anguish she’d buried in the deepest part of her heart. “I was orphaned before I was two years old. My mother was a young Mexican girl who died at the hands of a vicious patron.” She saw the recognition in his eyes. “Yes, she was a prostitute. I was too young to remember, but I’m told after she died, I was passed from one person to another because no one wanted me.” Her face contorted with the effort to stem the flow of tears.

A Gift of Christmas Hope is available for $0.99 on | Click Here

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Writing the West one romance upon a time

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Manlove Fantasies Contest is back

MANLOVE FANTASIES: Summer Edition 2016
The summer is here and it’s sizzling hot and we’re just burning up with ideas. I've given our authors four things they must use in a story...fireworks, hot dogs, apple pie, and sunshine/hot day. Let’s see how creative our ManLove authors can be…

Our contest will run from July 1st to July 31st. Enter to win our grand prize, a Kindle Fire HD loaded with MM stories. So, come back every day and leave a comment along with your email addy (failure to leave an email disqualifies you). Each day a new winner will be chosen. At the end of the month, ALL comments (with emails) will be entered to win our grand prize (even if you already won one of our gift certificates, you will still be entered).
All comments MUST be posted on

Rules of the Contest:
You may enter once per day, but only once per day. Each day the contest runs from 12:01am (PST) to 11:59pm (PST). Once that day has ended, no further entries may be added for that day. You must wait for the next day to enter again.
To enter every day, you MUST comment every day, on that given day. Any entries added after the 11:59pm (PST) cutoff time will not be entered.
You MUST leave your email address in your comment or we will have no way to contact you if you win. Any comments left without an email will not be considered.
Once the contest has started, leave your comment on that author's page to be counted each day.

So visit every day, read the new story and leave a comment.

Berengaria Brown:

Friday, June 3, 2016

One Kinky Weekend

So often the hero and heroine of a story are young people free to indulge their passions and desires. But what happens after the wedding? Life moves on and perhaps a couple starts to want a little more excitement in their lives even though their love for their partner is undimmed.
“One Kinky Weekend” is a story I wrote about one such couple. A couple a lot of readers in their thirties or forties might relate to.
Logan and Zara have been married twenty years. They still love each other very much but their sex life is boring. Dead boring. They want more excitement in bed. Now their twins have left for college every room in the house is their playground. The answer to their problem? Ask another couple to join them for a very hot weekend of naughty sex.
Wicked fantasies and forbidden desires are shared. Girl on girl action? Double penetration? Every dark craving comes vividly to life for an orgasmic weekend for these four people.

“One Kinky Weekend” is part of the “Naughty Heatwave: Turn up the Heat!” boxed set of ten stories, including BBW, Contemporary, F/F, M/M, New Adult, Paranormal, Regency, Shape-shifter, Speculative Fiction & Stepbrother Romance from bestselling authors! With featured guest authors, Frances Stockton and Tamara McHatton!
Only 99¢ for the entire boxed set.

Buy links:
Amazon print:
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Watch the video here:

An ADULT Excerpt from “One Kinky Weekend”
“I was thinking about brightening up our sex life.”
His big body went still against hers and she could feel his muscles tensing up.
“You meant it when you said we could try out some new things, didn’t you?”
His voice was firm but his body was still tense. She wrapped a leg around his hips, wiping her damp cunt along his upper thigh.
His big hands grabbed her ass and ground her pussy hard against him.
“What about a foursome? The two of us and another married couple. All four of us in bed together, everyone doing everyone, two men, two women, the four of us in a daisy chain, whatever we all want to try.”
He lifted her up slightly and slid her down on his cock. It filled her completely, stretching her tissues. “Hmm, someone likes that plan.”
She sat up a little, flicking her blonde hair off her face, pushing the bedding off her back, and braced her hands on his chest. Although his sandy-brown hair had a few gray threads in it these days, he was still a solid wall of muscles, as his daily gym routine had kept his body toned and fit. His nipples stood up under the tweaking of her fingers and his cock thrust up inside her, high, hard and longer than it had been a few moments ago.
She swiveled her hips so his cock scraped over her G-spot, then leaned forward to press her clit into Logan’s pelvis. His hips rose up under her, his thighs raising and lowering her, faster and faster, his hands tight on her hips.
“I do like that idea. We’ll have to choose the couple wisely though. It has to be people we’re compatible with and trust.”
“Condoms,” she gasped, her orgasm rising inside her as she wiggled her hips again. “Don’t want any worry about health risks.”
“Agreed.” He pinched her clit and rammed deep inside her. With a small scream, Zara shattered and came, her juices flooding Logan’s cock. He groaned and rammed into her again and again. Then a burst of hot cum blasted into her cunt as he stroked raggedly a couple more times before pulling her down on top of him.
“Excellent idea. You deserve a reward for thinking of it,” he whispered, thrusting a finger deep into her ass, and sucking her nipple and the entire areola into his mouth. His cock was still half hard inside her and he moved his hips enough to stimulate her pussy too as his finger pressed wickedly deep into her dark channel, the nail teasing every nerve ending there. His mouth was busy licking, sucking, nibbling her breasts, switching from side to side, adding a tiny bite here and there to tease her sensitive skin.
Zara felt another orgasm blooming in her core, hotter and harder than the previous one.
Logan redoubled his efforts, his hips pumping, his cock growing inside her, and three fingers now thrusting inside her ass.
“Yesssssss,” she sighed.
He bit down on a nipple as a fingernail dug into her clit.
She burst apart, her toes curling in the most delicious way as her body thrashed in spasms of delight.
“God, you’re good at that,” she murmured.
“Yup, well, I love you, honey.”

Berengaria Brown